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About Custom Auto Fabrication 

bender built custom metal fabrication

I am Mark Bender

I have been ​fabricating and welding since 2005. I stared as a auto mechanic and auto restoration tech in 1998. self employed since 2012.  I am a small scale shop where I am the only person working on your project and have a keen attention to detail. I only take on projects that i can focus my time on right away and don't put any projects on hold for others. That is how I keep a quick completion turn around to get you what you need while maintaining constant communication.

Since 2012 I have completed 75+ major auto restoration projects some full restoration most getting customers through a stage of rust repair, custom metal work, wiring harness, custom accessories, suspension modifications, engine swaps and many other steps of their project. Also there have been many fabrication  projects along the way from automotive needs, historic building metal door and window frame repair, to household metal projects.

bender built auto restoration metal Fabrication log furniture
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