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Here's what we've been working on

idaho washington custom car dash body restoration suspension

1969 Super Bee Full Custom

I built this for a repeat customer a total custom everything. 572 blown Hemi,  Art morisson full frame and removable body, many body modifications, custom dash, custom console, custom hood, air suspension, custom headers and exhaust not much I didn't make or change on this car. 

1983 jeep cj restoration performance idaho montana washington

1983 Jeep

sand blast and bedline chassis and bottom of floors, all new lift kit, install fuel injection, tune up and fix oil leaks.

dodge chassis swap NC

1937 Dodge

chassis swap

K5 restoration LS swap NC

1972 K5

power train wiring harness and assembly

Pontiac Firebird restoration performance wiring idaho montana washington

1969 Firebird

new interior kit, lowered the car, repaired rusted floor, wheels and tires and a new top.

 A few years later it came back for a engine swap and new transmission. The customer chose a Chevrolet drivetrain.

rust repair auto restoration NC

1974 Apollo

rust repair

mustang restoration wiring NC

1967 mustang

wiring repair and p/s add on

idaho washington montana ford street rod hot restoration

1947 Ford Panel

the first time we had this it got a 12v converion, Vintage air conditioning installed on the flathead v8, a backup camera, dual resivoir brakes and front disc conversion.

 A couple years after it came back for a small block chevy and th350 conversion.

chassis swap 4x4 restoration NC

1966 c10

chassis swap

1941 Chevy pickup

wiring harness, linkages, hydra boost

VW kit car restoration wiring builder Idaho Montana Washington

1974 Bradley

This VW kit car needed put together and made to function

Lamborghini fiero kit car builder ID Idaho WA MT

1998 Lamborghini Diablo kit car

This car spent many years bouncing around shops all over the country, It came to us a mess and 60% together, I finished it and made everything work as it should.

Idaho Montana Washington air bag suspension install shop

1975 Olds 

Full custom air suspension install to tuck his extra large wheels.

rust repair restoration mg metal Idaho northern

1974 MGB

rust repair of floors and quarters

restoration rust repair wiring suspension offroad ID Idaho Washington Montana

1974 Pinzgauer

This customer has many vehicles I restored this one needed rust repair, some engine tuning, electrical upgrades, custom bumber and a full bedliner paint job

1996 GMC 1500 diesel

This regular customer got full 5" turbo back exhaust, headrest tv install, reliability upgrades and a full bed liner paint job

Air condition install wiring harness engine

1988 Monte Carlo

install vintage air, March pulleys, dress up engine bay and rewire the whole car.

mustang restoration wiring air condition suspension Idaho Washington

1987 Mustang

install ABS brake system, power windows, rear view mirror thermometer, dash pad, spoiler fabrication, wheel flares, custom hood fabrication

Idaho washington rust repair wiring restoration shop

1994 Range Rover

Another repeat customer came in for repairs of rust in a more budget friendly manner while maintaining structural integrity, application of spray in sound control.

chevrolet camaro restoration wiring suspension brakes shop custom

1969 Camaro Custom

Full restoration including new wire harness, engine and transmission swap, all new plumbing using AN fittings, lowering spindles and springs, custom interior, fiberglass front panels, disc brakes, custom exhaust and roll bar install later removed for family use

idaho washington camaro chevrolet restoration wiring electrical

69 Camaro Z28

Maintenance and upkeep of this previously restored big block Camaro. 

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squarebody square body restoration chevy chevrolet gmc idaho washington montana

1985 GMC Seirra

Full restoration to make this truck run and operate as it did new. Repaired rust in rockers, cab corners, bed, rebuilt all needed systems, new dash cap and vinyl floor. finished with a full two tone bed liner paint job with metallic.

idaho washington square body squarebody restoration wiring ls swap

1987 Chevrolet K30 Crew cab

Another full restoration from all rust repair to custom interior, a LS engine swap, all new suspension and brakes, air conditioning, and bed liner paint job top and bottom.

idaho northwest chevrolet square body restoration bedliner paint

1984 Chevrolet K10

Rust repair, sand blasted chassis and floorboards, stainless brake lines and a full bed liner paint job with metal flake.

idaho washington chevrolet camaro restoration air condition

1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

This pristine car got a custom muffler and some maintenance items.

idaho ford restoration washington lowered wheels

1969 Ford Torino GT

Custom Grill and headlights, lowered, wheels and tires and tune up.

idaho montana washington coyote 5.0 swap restoration ford

1931 Ford Model A

A new TCI frame swap, Install coyote 5.0 with 6 speed, Air conditioning, Dakota digital dash and a 32 grill.

northwest idaho washington camaro chevrolet rust restoration shop

1967 Camaro RS

replaced both quarters, rocker rust, floor rust, filler panel, trunk panel, firewall and some roof rust

chevrolet camaro auto restoration rust shop quarters

1967 Camaro

replaced quarter, inner wheel houses, tail panel, rocker rust, fenders and hood

idaho montana washington auto restoration engine swap wiring

1996 S10 Blazer

all new wiring harness 

1984 Chevrolet Van

rust repair of quarters, doors, and roof

idaho Montana washington rust repair restoration 4x4 Mercedes

1984 Mercedes G wagon

Rust repair of body mount supports and inner rockers. Sprayed bed liner on lower body.

Idaho Washington Montana chevelle restoration air condition custom shop

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle

Engine bay dress up, install fuel injection, air conditioning, headers, intake, new exhaust, painted the under carriage, 4 wheel disc brakes, ride tech air suspension, custom console with rear tv, power windows, keyless entry, remote start, custom stereo and interior, dakota digital dash and heads up display.

Idaho Washington Montana ford restoration custom wiring chassis suspension frame

1940 Ford

Full restoration involving complete disassembly, new every thing, rust repair, air conditioning, power seats, dokota dash,  new small block ford, FAST fuel injection and a TCI chassis.

1941 GMC

I made new patch panels for floor, body mount and cab back rust

idaho washington montana mustang restoration shop custom air condition fastback

1967 Mustang fastback

I pulled the 6cy 3 speed and swapped a big block FE with 4 speed, full wire harness and air conditioning along with some rust repair

idaho montanaMT washington mustang restoration shop classic

1966 Mustang

small items like fixing some lights and a general check up

IDaho WAshington MonTana jeep 4x4 restoration shop rust repair bed liner

1955 Willys Jeep

Lots of rust repair floors, tub and much more needed repair in a more budget friendly manner before assembly and a full bed liner paint job

IDaho WAshington MonTana mopar restoration dodge 440 shop

1964 Dodge Polera 440

I put the final touches on this long restoration including, a brake kit, wire harness, throttle linkage, headers and first fire up

idaho washington montana auto car restoration ford lincoln mercury

1967 Lincoln 

the first time we met I made some wire repairs and installed keyless entry. He brought the car back the next time to pull the engine and refresh the engine bay

idaho washington montana car restoration rust wiring auto studebaker

1941 Studebaker

This was a full restoration, dissassembly and reassembly involving a 12 volt conversion wire harness install the rebuilt powertrain and assemble the entire car

1965 Chevy Chevelle

fixed some drive ability issues and wiring repairs

idaho washington montana chevy chevelle restoration auto car quarter

1968 Chevelle

lots of rust repair, replaced tail panel, inner wheel houses, trunk pieces, quarters from a 69 per request, dash panel, floor panels, firewall, cowl and fender repairs

idaho washington montana car auto rust restoration repair chevy ford

1962 Chevrolet Impala

More rust repair involving a full floor, inner rockers, outer rockers, quarters, wheel houses, firewall repair, bedliner application and mounting the body to frame

idaho washington montana auto car classic restoration rebuild custom

1957 Chevy  coupe

getting this blown small block running, installing headers and exhaust, replace floors, inner and outer rockers, quarter patch, custom trunk, roll bar, and wire harness

idaho washington montana auto car restoration rust repair wiring fix

1957 Chevrolet sedan

Complete disassembly, rust repair of trunk, wire harness, brake repair and reassembly

idaho washington montana auto restoration custom metal car welding

1937 Dodge

new gas tank, fabricated trom for grill, repair to grill shell, fabricated fender bracing and wire repair

idaho washington montana 4 link suspension restoration custom car

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Convertable

another repeat customer that got rack and pinion steering, new control arms, rear 4 link, a 5 speed transmission and exhaust repair

idaho montana washington ls swap engine 6l80 restoration

1964 Chevrolet Impala

also a repeat customer for this LS swapped classic custom transmission tunnel, cross member, driveshaft, shifter, air intake and engine dress up

idaho washington montana kit car builder restoration shop shelby

1965 Shelby Cobra

some fiberglass repair, wiring, and engine tuning

1966 Mini Cooper

this Mini needed a structural bar in the rear to attach seat belts

1984 Mustang

full wiring harness, custom dash work, brake install and throttle linkage

2003 Chevrolet Suburban

rust repair to quarters and bedliner accents

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

General upkeep as part of a collection

1972 Plymouth Duster

Rust repair and mechanical repairs

1978 Camaro

Repaired rust on rockers, wheel house, rail panel, trunk, doors, removed engine and refreshed engine bay, engine dress up and test tune

1968 Ford Bronco

new aprons, hinge posts, latch pillar repair, rockers, floors and other rust repair

1971 Ford Bronco

the typical bronco rust needs of aprons, battery tray, wheel wells, quarters, floors, rockers and pillars

1972 Ford Bronco

More Bronco rusted quarters, floors, aprons, cowl, rockers doors and more

1996 Mazda RX7

this car had a LS1 swap that needed some wiring repair, ac retrofit, sound deadiner, and some attention under the hood

1996 Ford E150

Fabricated a visor for the windshield

1967 Camaro RS

In for getting it running after sitting 6 years. It got a battery cable, battery, fuel pump, carburetor and fixed the parking brake.

Boat T top

custom made to support a adult on top

boat bow rails and platform

Tractor shade canopy

truck under seat storage

Aluminum boat light box

VW bettle

replaced floors and repaired other rusted areas

Oldsmobile custom hood

BMW e28

budget friendly rust repair, head light conversion, bumper conversions and spoiler install

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